Kitten policy


Our kittens stay the first weeks 4-5 weeks at mams where they can grow up in peace, where the other cats can’t come. As soon as it can they stays in a bench in the living room  to familiarize with all kinds of sounds. Our kittens still vulnerable and not too much stress to give Mom, we want the first 6 weeks no visit retrieved from viewers/buyers. We ask for your understanding.

If you are interested for a Lil’Ainjil kitten we kindly ask you to do this by email, and you briefly introduce yourselves .

The kittens stay with us until the age between 14 and 16 weeks (depending on whether there is a need for rabiesvacin to travel abroad) and leave in good health. Each kitten gets on his departure to his Golden basket a European passport, pedigree, sale contract and a kitten package in which also the nutrition supply  what the kitten is used too. The little ones are fully dewormed ( milbemax/panacur preventive), and chipped, and vaccinated (3x) and are free of fleas and/or parasites.

The kitten will not neutered early on departure, but will do this about 8-9 months.

Because of hygiene in our cattery what is extremely important, as we all do, we want to ask you not to visit our cattery if you earlier in the day at another cattery, this to prevent any infection!

A kitten is very playful and affectionate. That is why our preference always forward to a new owner who already has a cat and/or a lot at home. In addition, a deposed garden or a catrun, in which the kitten can safely playing and enjoy the outdoors, very desirable.

We do not sell kittens to people who want to let the cat freely walk outside!

Lil’Ainjil kittens we reserve only after a mutual introductory visit and we believe that you the kitten a good home can offer. If you have a kitten has discussed with us than we require a deposit of 1/3 of the retail price.

Deposits are NOT refundable upon cancellation of your kitten, unless we cancel itself. The kittens have fixed prices which we apply and not deviate from them.

Our kittens are close to our hearts, so we hope that they get a good and steady homes where they can stay for the rest of their lives.

Our cattery is a member of the Dutch Association NRKV of pedigree cats