Lil’ Ainjil is a small Somali cattery which has health and good bloodlines as most important standards. That is why all our cats are fully tested for PL, PKdef, PRA, bloodtype, etc.
Animal welfare is also very important, we will never discard a member of our cat family.
We try to find the right couples thru thorough pedigree research in order to strengthen the Somali breed.

Our cats not only have the authentic ruddy and sorrel color but also chocolate, blue, black-silver, chocolate silver and sorrel-silver.

The studs, queens and kittens live in the home and have permanent access to an enclosed outdoor area. This ensures social behavior, playfulness and physical exercise.

We regularly attend catshows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany where we get very good results varying from Champion to World Champion.
These titles are registered with the NRKV, the independent breed society of which we are a member.

If you are interested in a kitten or want to know more about the Somali breed feel free to contact us.




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